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Preparing for an SAT II subject test? We have the knowledge and understanding of these highly specialized tests to motivate and encourage your student and increase their test scores.


We’ll help your student reach full mathematical competence by covering many concepts and applications including algebra, statistics, and basic trigonometry.

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SAT II Biology

This test is intended for those looking to major in the sciences. We’ll help your child prepare and choose a test focus of ecological or molecular biology.

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SAT II Chemistry

We’ll help your child prepare for this test by increasing their understanding of the periodic table and applying chemical principles to solve problems.

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SAT II English Lit.

Before taking this test, we’ll prepare your student to answer questions based upon word definitions, literary themes, narrative tone, and characterizations.

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The Difference Between the SAT I and the SAT II

The SAT I is largely math and verbal skills, whereas the SAT II contains many other subjects. The SAT I is designed to measures your reading and cognitive skills, rather than just what you know, while the SAT II focuses on specific disciplines such as math, science, writing, chemistry, and more.

Which SAT II Test Should I Take?

If you are unsure about which test to take, look into your top choice colleges and what their SAT subjects requirements or recommendations are. You may also want to consider which subjects you truly have an interest in.

Why Should I Take an SAT II Test?

One of the main reasons people take an SAT II is to apply to colleges. With these scores, a college can assess where you should be placed.