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CHSPE-prepPreparing for the California High School Proficiency Exam? We’re well-versed in the questions one can expect on this test and we’re ready to help your child walk in to this test with complete confidence.

About the CHSPE

The CHSPE is intended for students between the ages of 15 and 18 or anyone who has completed at least half of 10th grade. Many students will take this test in place of high school graduation. This test has two sections, English-language Arts and Mathematics. When both sections are passed, California awards a Certificate of Proficiency to the student that is equivalent to a high school diploma. Any institution subject to California law is required to accept this certificate in place of a high school diploma for any purpose, including applications for financial aid. If your child plans on applying to schools out of state, you should always check with their admissions office to see if they treat the CHSPE the same.

How We’ll Prepare

We offer a free CHSPE prep consultation to sit down with your child and determine where they need the most help. From there, we’ll develop a clear plan unique to their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll work within a schedule that fits yours and your child’s schedule and meet in-home or at the place of your choosing. Our plan will be dependent on the amount of time before your child takes the exam. Our tutoring style is more than just studying. We’ll teach study habits, self-motivation, and test taking strategies that will provide lasting solutions for your child and take the pressure off of your relationship.

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