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If you are interested in general science, biology, chemistry or physics tutoring, our experienced and friendly tutors can meet your child wherever they are at to improve their study skills, enhance their confidence, and help motivate them towards achieving their academic goals.

General Science

At Initia Education, we are proud to offer excellent group and private tutoring. Learn how our experienced tutors can help your child excel in general science today.

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We understand how much memorization and study skills are involved with biology. If this subject is complicated for your child, find out how our tutors can help!

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If your child is falling behind in chemistry or needs to learn how to make studying more effective and efficient, discover how our tutoring will benefit their academic goals.

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Ensure that your child understands and succeeds in their physics class. Learn more about our methods and how our tutoring makes a difference in your child’s life.

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We take pride in our level of commitment, standards of excellence and life-changing tutoring program. While most tutors will work simply on the subject at hand, our tutors have a bigger goal in mind. We are here to impact our student’s lives beyond the classroom. Our mission is to teach each student effective strategies and techniques that will improve their study habits and keep them engaged while learning. We know that as a child does well in school their confidence is boosted and they grow to appreciate learning. That is our premier goal: to help students achieve success through understanding and practicing effective learning skills.