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Our approach to tutoring is more than simply discussing the subject. We’ll teach your child smart study habits, techniques for testing well, and a full understanding of their curriculum.

World History

If your child needs help in world history, our tutors have the knowledge and resources to help them learn effective ways to study and excel.

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US History

We are proud to offer excellent tutoring services for U.S. history. Ensure that your student learns the most effective strategies to help them succeed.

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Our Tutoring Methods

We’ll focus on studying the historical events within your child’s curriculum, but we’re also intent upon influencing their attitude about learning as a whole. We want your child to take a new approach to learning and we have extensive experience in motivating young people to set and achieve goals for themselves. History is a complicated subject matter with many details. We’ll work with your child on developing techniques for memorization. We’ll also review test taking strategies to ensure they’re excelling in this subject in the future.

Our Tutors

Our tutors are fully trained and have each attended top schools. They have their specialties, and we will work hard to understand the needs of your child and match them with a tutor who can truly impact their life for the better. Our history tutors have a high level of understanding in regard to United States history and world history. Not only are they competent in the subject matter, but they’re passionate about history and this attitude often transfers to their students.