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Growth and learning are all part of moving from childhood to adulthood.  As children go from being babies, to students, to adults, parents need to change the way in which they motivate and interact with their kids.


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Leadership takes many forms and parents know this more than many.  One of the greatest parental challenges is adjusting to kids as they grow up. When the children are small, parents spend more time telling their kids how to do things, a little less time on what to do, and even less time trying to inspire them.

As the kids grow up and transition to adulthood, parents should begin to shift more towards trying to inspire their kids (teaching them self motivation), less time telling them what to do, and even less time telling them how to do things.  This transition is necessary if their children are going to become successful and happy adults.

From a parental standpoint, this transition can be painful and uncomfortable as they may feel that they are no longer needed. Additionally these shifts have to be made subtly over time so it is not always clear when change is needed. That said, It is important to note that parents will always have a special place in their children’s hearts.  Helping their kids learn how to tap into self motivation and giving them the confidence to move forward will enable them to become fully functional healthy adults.