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What is Academic Success Coaching?

Academic Success Coaching is much more than tutoring, test prep, or teaching you effective study skills.

Coaching is a one-to-one method of guiding you to reach your highest learning goals, overcome obstacles, and teach you the systems that will empower you to have lifelong success.

These proven systems will enable you to not only succeed at achieving your academic goals, but also enable you to thrive in school, college, and life.  If you are ready to commit to transforming your habits and thinking, we can help you become the high-achieving student that you know you can be.

Think of an academic coach as an elite personal trainer for your mind and spirit!

Improve your mind and spirit

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between a coach and a tutor?

A tutor will focus on a specific subject area or type of exam.  Tutoring can help you with specific assignments, problem types, or test preparation.  An effective tutor must have mastery of the content, clear communication skills, a positive rapport with a student, and the ability to facilitate learning by the student.

Academic Success Coaching empowers you to build your full foundation of effective learning systems such as:

  • Growth Mindset and Mindfulness—you face challenges and reframe them to learn instead of giving up early.  You will become more mindful of negative beliefs, limiting thoughts, and mental obstacles so you can overcome them.
  • Superior Test Preparation—you learn the best practices in test preparation methods for the specific tests you must take, such as: ACT, SAT, Subject Tests (SAT IIs), APs.  We also teach strategies for the following tests: HSPT, ISEE, SSAT, CHSPE, GRE, and GMAT.
  • Speed Reading—you efficiently find key info in the text relevant to your task, such as standardized tests, studying, or researching before writing.
  • Cornell Notes—you prepare before class, revise your notes during class, and build your own playbook of notes that are concise, relevant, and thorough.  Your notes system becomes your platform to strengthen your memory retention.
  • Timed Method of Studying—you learn faster and more easily by sprinting and using a timer, as opposed to long study sessions.  Cramming will go away and we will not miss it.
  • Focus on Results instead of Reasons—you concentrate on the Results you will work toward, not the Reasons why something didn’t work the way you wanted, or the external Reason why a class or teacher was hard.  You are in control of achieving your highest Results.
  • Metacognitive Skills—you learn how to learn, how to study, how to remember information, and how to keep your brain at a peak performance level.

Coaching is a Do With process, which means you must Do the tasks With your coach during sessions and Do the assigned tasks and practice on your own if you want results.

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What’s the most important thing I can do to improve?

The ultimate factor that will determine your success is your own Will to improve yourself.  If you choose to challenge yourself, you will learn systems and methods used by successful business people, top athletes, and learners of all ages.  Every challenge is an opportunity to learn a lesson and lift yourself to your next level.

How exactly would I, a student, work with one of you?

In Southern California, we work with you at your home in-person.  In 2016, we will open our new office in Manhattan Beach and can meet you there as well.  We meet students throughout the greater Los Angeles region and can provide you with trusted referrals to our colleagues in Orange County.

We also coach students online through private video conference sessions via Skype, sharing dynamic documents with Google Docs/Drive, and interacting with our RealtimeBoard online whiteboard. You will learn how to work efficiently using the same collaboration tools used in universities and businesses around the world.

We recommend sessions once or twice a week to increase the frequency of your learning sessions.  The benefit of online sessions is that you can schedule brief sessions to check in as you need immediate help.  Frequent review will also enable you to learn and retain information more easily, so sessions throughout the week are highly effective, rather than waiting a whole week for the next session.

Will coaching boost my motivation?

The highest motivation that you will attain is intrinsic—from within yourself.  As you see yourself succeeding one step at a time, your motivation will increase.   Success leads to motivation so take stock of all your small successes each day.  You will boost your own positive momentum as you succeed in completing your tasks and reaching your incremental goals.  The longer the journey, the smaller the steps!

Here is an easy technique to improve your intrinsic motivation:

Start each day by appreciating your abilities and all the positive things you have in your life.  Your parents want you to succeed, as do people close to you, so recognize that you have a large support network.  Seek other successful people from whom you can learn.

Choose to succeed and you will learn to make success a lifelong habit!