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Victor Solis, founder of Initia EducationHi, I’m Victor Solis and I’m the founder of Initia Education.

We believe in empowering parents and students to initiate their success. Hundreds of students have worked with us to learn proven systems to get the results that they want and become the achievers they know they can be. That could mean earning better grades more easily, becoming a confident test-taker, overcoming procrastination or gaining admission to the college of your dreams.


I don’t believe in pushing a single book or one-size-fits-all program onto every student.

Instead, I show you how to tap your unique strengths and build your confidence–we start with your inner game. Master your inner game and your outer game of assignments, tests, and college admissions will become much easier.

I won’t accept you as one of my students unless you and your parent are 100% committed to forming a team with me.

Coaching is a do-with process which means you will gain your highest results by doing the work with me. I don’t hand you a fish, I teach you how to master the art of fishing.

I only teach the same proven systems that have empowered me and other successful learners to set and get high goals, overcome mental obstacles, and create lifelong habits of success in school and life.

I know you have a lot of choices in who you seek for guidance, so I know I must earn your trust with every bit of content I provide. If you’re curious, here’s why I believe in our mission and why I do what I do.


In the mid-1990s, I struggled through my last half of high school as I battled anxiety and depression–I didn’t think I would even make it into any university. Many years later, I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD which explained a lot of my younger behavior, but didn’t give me a solution to finding my purpose.

In my senior year, I found help through the mentoring of my academic decathlon coach at West High School in Torrance, Mr. George Floratos. Mr. F taught me to aim high and tap into my strengths even though I didn’t think I would do my best. More importantly, I learned the power of having a coach who believes in you.

I worked hard to help our team earn the Los Angeles County championship and second place in California. I earned admission to UCLA but struggled there as I studied English and film. My own beliefs that I didn’t really belong there were limiting me from reaching my potential.

UCLA Royce Hall

In 1996, while working in the film industry, I searched for a mentor while I was mentoring others to succeed in reaching their goals. I realized I had a natural ability for training others, learning best practices, and helping others learn–and that’s when I decided to return to school in 2007 and learn how to learn.

I finally discovered things that I had never been taught in school:

• How to align my beliefs with my desires and take action instead of procrastinating.

• How to actually set goals in a way that will make them become reality.

• How the secret of time management is actually managing your priorities and energy.

• How to actually teach others how to master all of the above and more.

Since then, I’ve been tutoring and coaching others while learning and refining what works best in empowering students to succeed.

Having the right coach who believes in your potential will lead you to lifelong success.

I believe that any student can set clear goals and overcome obstacles to become a high-achieving scholar who will thrive in school and in life.

And today, I’d love to see if I can help you.

Click here to see if you qualify to work with me and my team.

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